Zakat Using Wheat Is Called

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Zakat Using Wheat Is Called

Zakat Using Wheat Is Called


Paying zakat using wheat is called zakat fitrah. Zakat using wheat includes tithe using staple foods.

Detailed Discussion of Paying Zakat

There are 3 types of zakat

1. Paying Zakat Ftrah

2. zakat mal

3. Income zakat


Zakat fitrah is mandatory for all Muslims, both babies and adults

Paying Zakat fitrah can be in the form of staple food, for Indonesia it is in the form of rice around 2.5 kg to 3 kg. For the Arab region, the form of wheat is equal to 1 sho\.

Based on the hadith of Abu Sa'id Al Khudri radhiyallahu 'anhu, which means "At the time Messenger of Allah SAW, we pay zakat fitrah in the form of 1 sho' of food, 1 sho' of dates, 1 sho' of wheat or 1 sho' of raisins (HR. Bukhari No. 1508 and Muslim No. 985)

Zakat assets are zakat assets, zakat assets are "things of value" that we are obliged to give zakat, and zakat is only once.

We can pay zakat according to our income every time we earn, it can also be 1 year, if it's 1 year then the way we pay zakat is our total income for that 1 year, for the amount of zakat is 2.5% of our total gross income. income.


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