Explain the Definition of Norms

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Explain the Definition of Norms

Explain the Definition of Norms

Definition of Norm are rules or rules that are agreed upon as guidelines for people's behavior to create something good and desired or more precisely, norms are guidelines for behavior that contain orders, recommendations, and prohibitions.

Discussion What is Norm

Different types of norms and their sources

1. A Religious Norm

It is an order that comes from God Almighty, which is conveyed through His Messenger (such as the Prophet) which contains orders to be carried out or carried out and prohibitions to be abandoned. Example:

  • It is obligatory to carry out worship according to their respective religions and beliefs
  • No kills
  • Can't do any harm
  • Can't cheat
  • Do not hurt others

2. Norms of decency

The rules of decency are norms that come from results social intercourse and considered as a social rule in life. Like:

  • Say hello to the neighbors if you meet on the street.
  • Don't talk while eating.
  • Don't stand while eating, and many more. If the norms of decency are violated, firm action will not be taken, but light sanctions will only be given, such as reprimands, ridicule and ostracism.

3. Norms of decency

The rules of decency are norms that come from the human heart or about good and bad behavior. For example not hurting others, being honest, fair and respecting others. If these norms are not complied with, the sanctions are not severe because only one person feels regret, shame, guilt and so on.

4. Legal Norms

Rule Law are norms made by the state whose purpose is to create an atmosphere of security and peace in people's lives. Legal norms originate from the Basic Law. For example, you must obey traffic rules, you must not steal, you must pay taxes, and so on.

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