Children's Enhancement Supplements that are Safe to Consume

The body can only increase in height during the growth spurt which usually lasts until the age of 18 years. As long as the child is still in that period, parents must help him to grow fully. One of them by providing vitamins to strengthen the child's body. Here I will recommend to all mothers about Children's Heightening Supplements safety.

Muscle-building vitamins for children often contain ingredients that are good for bone growth, such as calcium and vitamin D.

Children's Heightening Supplements

How to increase height in children naturally

Though, consuming vitamin Increasing height is an additional way to maximize a child's growth. While the main method is as follows.

1. Provides the best nutrition

Nutrition plays a very important role in the growth of a child's height. Usually less children nutrition will not grow as big as a well-nourished child.

During the growth period, children should eat lots of vegetables and fruit. Furthermore, protein and calcium are also very important in supporting the growth of body organs, including bones.

2. Make sure your child gets enough sleep

Rest is an important factor for growth that is sometimes overlooked. To grow properly, children, including those who have entered their teens, need adequate sleep.

When you sleep, your body releases the hormones your body needs to grow. If the child is sleep deprived, his growth may be less than optimal.

3. Encourage children to exercise regularly

Exercise is very good for stimulating bone growth. Parents can invite their children to exercise regularly in simple ways, such as morning walks, playing ball in the park, swimming. With regular exercise, bones will become stronger, denser and healthier.

Recommendations for Child Growth Supplements that are Safe to Consume

Heightening Children's Body Here are some vitamins and supplements for heightening children's bodies that you can try.


1.Biolysin Emulsion Bodybuilding Supplements

Children's Heightening Supplements

Biolysin Emulsion is a vitamin that will help meet children's needs to achieve maximum growth.

Biolsyun emulsion contains fish oil, magnesium, calcium and multivitamins, such as vitamins A, B1, B2, B6, D3, choline, DHA, AA, cod liver oil, mg gluconate and gluconate calactate.

This body-enhancing vitamin product can be consumed by children aged 1 to 12 years with different dosages of use.

In addition to helping increase children's height, this supplement can also support their immune system.

Price: from IDR 20,500

2. Wellness Calcium Gummy Child Enhancement Supplement


The threat of osteoporosis does not need to be addressed by parents alone. Since infancy, children's calcium needs must be met.

Otherwise, the impact will be felt later in life and will make you more susceptible to this calcification disease.

Meeting the calcium needs of children will also help maximize height growth. This mineral plays an important role in supporting the growth of bones and teeth.

Wellstand Calcium Gummy can help meet the calcium needs of children. This child-boosting vitamin is also fortified with vitamin D3, which plays a role in maximizing calcium absorption through the bones.

Price: from Rp.264,000


3. Maxvita Calcium Vitamin Enhancing Body

Maxvita Calcium is a supplement that will help meet calcium needs while increasing bone absorption.

If you drink it regularly, you will reap the health benefits of bones and teeth.

For children and adolescents, this supplement can be used as an effective vitamin to increase height.

Maxvita Calcium can help maintain and increase bone density, overcome back pain and muscle spasms, and meet the calcium needs of pregnant women.


4. Child Enhancement Supplement Capsules

is a calcium supplement that can be consumed by children and adults, so that daily calcium needs can be met and optimal height growth in children. Calcium is also needed for healthy teeth growth.

People who are deficient in calcium are easily tired, depressed, and often feel tingling. This of course will make daily activities difficult and cause long-term bone damage.

Price: from Rp. 3,000 (for 1 blister of 10 tablets)


5. Calnic Body Enhancer Suitable For Children

Caplets are calcium supplements that increase bone growth and height in children.

In addition, this supplement will also help regulate muscle contractions, support the blood clotting process, and keep health nervous system.

Price: Starting from Rp 37.980 

6. Children's Heightening Supplements Cerebrofort Gold

Cerebrofort Supplements Gold can make children taller and smarter

Cerebrofort Gold is a multivitamin that can support children's intelligence, appetite and growth at the same time.

With the content of these various vitamins, children who consume them regularly will have strong bones and teeth, healthy eyes, and a good immune system.

Price: from Rp


7. Zevit Grow Children's Heightening Supplements

Zevit Grow capsules are effective vitamins to strengthen children's bodies so they can maximize their growth. It contains calcium, vitamin B complex, vitamin C, vitamin E and zinc.

In addition to supporting height growth, this vitamin will also help the formation of healthy muscle and nerve tissue, increase stamina and start the production of red blood cells.

Price: Starting from IDR 11,800


8. Fitkom Gummy Calcium 

The next vitamin that is being promoted for children is Fitkom Gummy Calcium. Containing vitamin D, calcium and protein, this high vitamin for children is good for supporting your little one's growth and development.

Its attractive shape and chewy texture like jelly candy will surely make children love it. That way, taking vitamins feels good.

Price: from IDR 20,000


9. Milk Sgm

SGM Explor 5 Plus growth milk is suitable for supporting children's height

SGM Explor 5 Plus is a growth milk that will help children grow more while increasing the absorption of important nutrients in the body of a small child. In addition to calcium, this milk also contains Iron C, omega 3 and 6, as well as other nutrients that are good for children.


10. Zee's Milk


:inulin, choline and calcium.

In addition to this milk can increase height, this milk will also help improve children's intelligence so that they will excel in school.

Zee Platinum Choco Rich can be consumed by children aged 3 to 12 years and is made with a delicious chocolate taste.

Price: starting from IDR 52,000

11. Redoxon Kids Vitamin C


Redoxon Kids Vitamin C is a chewable tablet that strengthens the child's immune system and helps the formation of collagen in the skin and bones. Contains 200 mg of vitamin C, Redoxon Kids Vitamin C can meet the daily vitamin C needs of young children. As an orange-flavored chewable tablet that children love, this vitamin supplement can also be taken without water.

Redoxon Kids Vitamin C is best consumed by children aged 6 years and over. Instructions for use, 1 chewable tablet taken 3 times a day after meals, or as directed by a doctor. Redoxon Kids Vitamin C is also MUI Halal certified.

  • Age: 6 years and over
  • Price: IDR 75,000 (60 chewable tablets)

12. Blackmores Koala Kids Body Shield


Blackmores Kids Body Shield is a supplement of 5 essential nutrients including vitamins A, C, D, E and zinc. The combination of different vitamins and minerals makes this supplement excellent for improving the quality of a child's immune system.

Using Blackmores Koala Kids Body Shield will help keep your baby from catching colds, coughs, colds, and allergies. Blackmores Koala Kids Body Shield can also help the healing process of sick children.

This sugar-free supplement is available as an orange-flavored candy that kids love. Because it contains natural plant-based sweeteners, especially xylitol, Blackmores Koala Kids Body Shield will not damage your child's teeth. They will just feel like chewing regular candy, but still have a healthy body effect.

  • Age: 2–12 years
  • Price: IDR 220,400 – IDR 232,000 (60 chewable tablets)

13. Wellness Gummy Kids

For children who want a multivitamin, various vitamins are packaged in unique flavors and forms. One of the best multivitamins for children is Wellness Gummy Kids, which is produced by Natural Nutrido. As the name suggests, this multivitamin is shaped like a chewing gum with a taste that kids love.

Multivitamin Wellness Gummy Kids contains vitamins A, C, D, E, calcium, folic acid, vitamins B5, B6, B12, iodine, sodium, zinc, choline and inositol. These various benefits not only help increase endurance but also help the development of bones and teeth in children. This multivitamin is recommended to be taken once a day by chewing.

  • Age: 4 years and over
  • Price: IDR 161,250 – IDR 299,000 (30 gum, 70 gum)


14. Imboost Kids Tablet


Imboost Kids is a supplement in the form of lozenges that function to increase endurance and recover from illness. condition. The main ingredients of Imboost Kids Tablet are Echinacea and Zinc Picolinate. Both have the role of stimulating the child's immune system and fighting viruses that attack the body.

For use, Imboost Kids Tablet can be sucked until it is completely dissolved in the mouth. Children can take these tablets before or after meals. Imboost Kids is prohibited from being used on children with multiple sclerosis, collagen disease, leukemia, tuberculosis, AIDS, and autoimmune diseases.

  • Age: 2–6 years
  • Price: IDR 28,500 – IDR 41,900 (21 lozenges)

So, that's it, some of the Children's Body Enhancing Supplements that I can recommend to you, hopefully they will be useful.