10 Best Gold Investment Apps!

10 Best Gold Investment Applications, Get Ready!

The question of gold investment began to emerge in Indonesia as an answer to the increasing public interest in investing in these precious metal instruments. Gold prices tend to always rise every year and are resistant to devastating inflation, making gold often used as a hedging resource.

10 Best Gold Investment Apps!

Now, investing in gold is easier, it can not only be done offline such as going to a gold shop, it can also be done online or digitally. You can buy and store the gold you buy online on the various application platforms available. Investors can also sell their stored gold through the same application.

What are the best gold investment applications today? This is one of them!

1. Digital Pawnshop

Digital Pegadaian is a pioneer in online gold investment. Pegadaian also promotes its gold investment services as a “gold saver”. The Digital Pegadaian application can be downloaded easily via your mobile phone. On Google Playstore, this application has been downloaded by more than 1 million users. The commission for opening an account at Pegadaian Digital is only Rp. 0 and the gold deposit fee is also Rp. 0 for the first year. Purchase a minimum balance of IDR 50,000 gold.

2. Tokopedia Emas

As a marketplace, Tokopedia also offers gold investment services. The storage system is the same as at Pegadaian, because Tokopedia cooperates with Pegadaian.

Gold investment can be made directly through the Tokopedia application with a fairly cheap minimum refill of IDR 5,000. This refill amount will then be converted into gold weight based on the purchase price at the time of the transaction.

Does the gold we invest in Tokopedia have physical reserves? Tokopedia guarantees that all gold purchased and invested by consumers is stored in Pegadaian. Buying and selling gold through the Tokopedia application is also very fast and easy.

3. Shopee

Similar to Tokopedia, Shopee also offers the possibility of investing in gold bullion through its application. Shopee also cooperates with Pegadaian which takes care of the gold storage system.

Even gold investment at Shopee can be done very easily and with a minimum nominal refill. Buying and selling gold can also be done quickly, adjusted to the selling and buying price of gold at the Pegadaian when buying and selling is done.

4. Pluang

Pluang is an application that allows users to invest in gold online to invest in cryptocurrencies or cryptocurrencies. Pluang is affiliated with other application services such as Gojek (GoInvest), Bukalapak (BukaEmas) and DANA (Dana e-Mas).

5. Indogold

Gold investment can also be done in the Indogold application. Indogold itself is an investment company that has been operating since 1978. Indogold offers a gold deposit option with a capital of only IDR 10,000.

At Indogold, it can be paid in cash (repurchase) or printed in the form of pure gold bars made by Antam or UBS. Payments can be tried through various digital wallets such as OVO, Gopay, Link Aja, Shopee Pay, Dana, to KlikBCA

6. E-Mas

This application has the slogan Invest in Gold, Pay with Gold. Gold investments can be made starting from a minimum nominal of IDR 10,000 in the E-Mas application. Investors can also transfer gold to other accounts, starting from 0.02 grams in weight. Of course, transfers are made between accounts in the E-Mas application. E-Mas also makes it easier for investors to monitor gold price movements every day. This way, investors can have an accurate picture of when to buy and sell their gold.

7. Unlock Gold

BukaEmas is a gold investment service provided by Bukalapak, one of the largest markets in Indonesia and one of the unicorns in the country. In BukaEmas, this can be done with the lowest nominal value compared to other platforms, which is IDR 100 silver or around 0.0001 gram of gold bullion.

BukaEmas is also working with Indogold and Antam to ensure there is a physical gold reserve for every gold investment made in this application. Buying and selling BukaEmas gold can also be done easily. Gold sales can also be tried starting from 0.0001 g, adjusted to the gold price at the time of the transaction.

8. Sell Gold

Gold investment in Lakuemas can be done simply. The features provided include:

  • Buy gold online
  • Minimum purchase option is IDR 50 thousand or 0.1 gram
  • Transfer gold to other Lakuemas users
  • Sell gold online
  • Physical gold bars

9. Tamasia

Gold investment in the Tamasia application can be made with a minimum nominal value of IDR 10,000. It is said that all invested gold is backed with physical gold. Tamasia also offers the possibility to transfer gold to other users starting from 0.02 grams.


DANA eMAS is one of the services in DANA's digital portfolio. You can buy gold as low as 0.01 grams or less than IDR 10,000. DANA users who wish to take advantage of this feature must first upgrade their DANA account to a premium DANA with the conditions of an ID card and a photo of themselves.

In this eMAS DANA service, DANA in collaboration with Pluang, chaired by PT PG Berjangka, has been registered with the Commodity Futures Trading Supervisory Agency (CoFTRA). The gold is guarded and guaranteed by the Indonesian Clearing House (KBI).