5 Profitable Credit Card Capital Business

5 Profitable Credit Card Capital Business

Capital is often the main obstacle for a prospective entrepreneur when starting his business. There are so many provisions that are requested by banks to distribute small and medium business capital loans (SMEs), often micro business actors cannot fulfill them.

On-line loans (pinjol) offered by the peer to see touchdown monetary technology (fintech) industry are indeed much easier to obtain. However, if you choose the loan industry incorrectly, be prepared for the small business capital you have that will be subject to double interest.

It's been good enough, reading the sad news that happened to how an illegal debtor was being chased by debt collectors to pay off the principal debt plus a mountain of interest.

5 Profitable Credit Card Capital Business

In this situation, there is nothing wrong with using a credit card as business capital which is much easier and more flexible. Credit cards can help overcome short-term business capital needs and are very helpful for newcomer entrepreneurs who have difficulty getting capital from banks.

Indeed, the interest is higher than that of SME loans from banks. SME loan interest generally ranges from 1- 2% in step with month, on the other hand credit card interest can reach up to 3% in step with month. However, the interest only arises when you are late paying the bill.

That is, all the time in paying credit card bills until you get a loan without interest, right? That is, your punctuality in paying bills is key. You are also advised not to use more than 30 percent of the credit card limit as business capital.

So, want to know what are the credit card capital businesses? Come on follow.

1. Resellers

The online buying and selling business opens up wide opportunities for anyone to gain sustenance. One of them is to become an online trading person with a reseller scheme.

Resellers carry out their business by first buying goods from suppliers or distributors to get the lowest price with a certain amount before selling them to buyers.

If you already have acquaintances with trusted suppliers or distributors whose goods are in great demand by buyers, the early capital barriers that you must have to redeem these items can be overcome with a credit card.

As long as you believe that everything you transport from the dealer or distributor can run out before the credit card payment deadline arrives, just swipe your magic card to buy it.

Or even if it doesn't run out and you have to pay interest, then you can charge the interest risk to the selling price or reduce the profit margin. Easy credit card business, right?

2. Overseas Payment Services

When it comes to shopping, Indonesians can be said to be the masters. It's not often that online shopping activists look for collectibles that they hunt to e-trade or markets outside the country, such as Amazon, Ebay, or Alibaba.

This is where the need for payment using a credit card arises, because these online shops clearly do not accept bank bank ATM switch-thru payments as is usually tried at local online shops.

The credit card that you have, of course, is useful for potential buyers who really really have these things. They certainly don't mind giving out charges for your credit card consumption services to buy things of interest.

Not only for online shopping at stores abroad, you can also offer credit card payment services to people who subscribe to entertainment applications such as Spotify and Netflix.

In order to attract more customers from this payment service, you can post your services on social media or open a special website that contains any type of payment that you can help. three.

3. Delivery Service to Buy Goods

Deposit services aka jastip can also be tried by credit card holders. Especially if you happen to also like shopping and traveling to various tourist attractions at home or abroad. So you know what shops and products are in great demand by shopaholics.

Instead of having to bother carrying cash to pay for all the things that other people have deposited with you, why not make it easier with a credit card? Especially if the location of the store where you are shopping is outside the country, it will definitely be troublesome if you have to exchange rupiah for local currency, right? four.

4. Dropbox and Google Drive Capacity Increase Services

For creative zone workers, the use of Dropbox and Google Drive is huge. Because cloud-based storage media can be accessed from anywhere and can be shared with anyone. By using Dropbox or Google Drive, various types of work files stored on computers or hard drives that are prone to damage can be overcome.

These 2 platforms can indeed be used free of charge, but with limited storage capacity. If you want a larger storage capacity, users are required to subscribe to use it with one of the credit card payment methods so that you can allocate other credit card business capital. (Also read: Visa or MasterCard Credit Card, Which Is More Profitable?)

On the other hand, there are a lot of workers in creative zones such as graphic design, videographers, photographers, illustrators, and so on in Indonesia. Of course, not everyone has a credit card that can be used to pay for Dropbox and Google Drive subscriptions to meet their data storage needs.

Well, this is where you can offer Dropbox and Google Drive payment services with the credit card you have.

5. Facebook, Instagram, Google, and Youtube ads installation services

Social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, or the Google search engine are wet fields in cyberspace that you can work on with a credit card.

One of them is by offering advertising services (ads) on these platforms where payments can be made easily via credit cards.

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