The unit of measure in the song is

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The unit of measure in the song is

The unit of measure in the song is

a. knock
b. bar
c. rhythm

Answer :


The answer is a. knock


Detailed discussion of Count Units in Songs

The unit of measure in songs is beats. The beats in the song are used to calculate the tempo, fast and slow of a song. There are three types of tempo, namely fast tempo, medium tempo, and tempo slow.

A beat is a fixed beat group unit that goes from one strong beat to the next strong beat.

3/4 measurement is done with three taps.

One beat consists of 4 beats.

An example is the song Yamko Rambe Yamko which has a 4/4 time signature. This shows the song performed by Yamko Rambe Yamko. The short length of the sound can be calculated based on the beat.

The more beats, the longer the note is sung.

Conversely, high and low tones are calculated based on the number of tones contained in the number notation, pattern rhythm through the barrage.


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Classes: I, II, and III

Maple: SBdP

Chapter: Tone


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