World Gymnastics Organization

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World Gymnastics Organization

World Gymnastics Organization

Answer :


FIG is the Federation Internationale de Gymnastique (International Gymnastics Organization)

Detailed discussion of World Gymnastics

The parent organization for world gymnastics is the International Federation of Gymnastics (Fédération Internationale de Gymnastique or FIG). FIG was founded in 1881 and is the organization that organizes and coordinates activities gymnastics around the world. FIG organizes various competitions, including the World Championships in Gymnastics, the Championships in Gymnastics Europe and the Asian Championships in Gymnastics. This organization is also responsible for setting rules and standards competition gymnastics and managing athlete training and development programs.

World gymnastics is a sporting event that is held every four years. This event is packaged as an interstate gymnastics competition which is participated in by athletes from all over the world. World gymnastics was added to the Olympic program in 1986 and is held every four years, the day after the opening of the Games.


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