The Pollutants That Cause Soil To Be Poor Are

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The Pollutants That Cause Soil To Be Poor Are

The Pollutants That Cause Soil To Be Poor Are 

a. glass
b. kitchen waste
c. detergent
d. paper

Answer :

The answer is c. detergent

Detailed discussion of Pollutants

Pollutants are substances or materials added to the environment that can cause harm or harm to human, animal or health plant. Pollutants can be chemical substances, particles or physical substances that can cause damage environment.

Some examples of pollutants commonly found in the environment are:

  1. Air pollution: This includes exhaust emissions from vehicles, factories, and burning forests, which can cause damage to the respiratory systems of humans and animals.
  2. Water pollution: This includes chemical contamination of water, domestic sewage, and industrial waste, which can cause damage to aquatic ecosystems and be detrimental to human and animal health.
  3. Soil pollution: This includes soil contamination by chemicals, industrial wastes, and domestic wastes, which can cause damage to crops and reduce soil productivity.
  4. Noise pollution: This includes unwanted noise from sources such as vehicles, factories, or construction.


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