Rights and Obligations Must Be Implemented Properly

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Rights and Obligations Must Be Implemented Properly

Rights and Obligations Must Be Implemented Properly

Answer :


Rights and obligations must be carried out with full responsibility.

Detailed discussion of rights and obligations

The definitions of rights and obligations are as follows:

  1. Rights are things that are considered right, belonging, someone's authority, against power which will be used to do something that is determined from various types of laws, regulations and also the powers that are considered right.
  2. Obligation is a form of thing that must be done with all kinds of sense of responsibility that is owned by every human being.

With the existence of these rights and obligations, it is necessary to strengthen the community and also provide various forms of stability in the environment. The existence of these two things also leads to the development of awareness social humans as social beings. In this case rights must be seen as individual rights as well as the right to be free.

In addition, rights and obligations must also be carried out with full sense of responsibility so that people will get what is their rights and obligations that are theirs to get these rights.

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Class: 1

Maple: PPKn

Chapter: Chapter 3 – Children's Rights at Home and at School


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