Kifarat Fasting Must Be Done If Your Husband

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Kifarat Fasting Must Be Done If Your Husband

Kifarat Fasting Must Be Done If Your Husband

A. Not providing for his wife
B. Zihar to his wife
C. Go without saying goodbye to his wife
D. Committing physical violence

Answer :


During fasting, we are prohibited from doing zihar to his wife, so there is a kifarat fast, so the correct answer is: B. Zihar to his wife.

Let's discuss the details about Kifarat Fasting

Kifarat fasting is fast which was carried out because he made a mistake in the month of Ramadan by paying a fine for 40 days, the law of carrying out this kifarat fast is mandatory.

The reasons for fasting kifarat include: Performing zihar with your wife when fasting during the month Ramadan, paying the dam at the time of pilgrimage, killing someone accidentally, not being able to fulfill a vow, hunting when in ihram.

Kifarat fasts are paid for 40 days in a row without breaking the fast, if you cancel it then repeat it again from the beginning without interrupting the fast.


Question Details

Class : VIII

Subjects: Islamic Religion

Chapter: Fasting

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