The Consul's Duties in the Field of Culture Are

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The Consul's Duties in the Field of Culture Are

The Consul's Duties in the Field of Culture Are

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The cultural field consultant has a duty to promote culture. Cultural promotion can be carried out in ways such as carrying out student exchange activities, students, and so on. From these promotional activities, cultural exchanges between countries will automatically arise, depending on where they come from.

Detailed details of the Consulate in the field of Culture

Consular agents are employee (staff) who are directly appointed by the Consul General (Consul) and assigned to handle or resolve various exclusive matters relating to the consulate. While the consul's agents are usually placed in the cities owned by the consulate. The meaning and duties of the consulship in the field of culture itself are to compile, organize and manage things that are limited in nature. Consular duties are generally divided into 3 (three) fields, including economics, culture and other fields.

In the consultant, if deemed necessary, an honorary consul from a foreign country or from his own country can be appointed. In carrying out their duties, for example in relationships trading, the honorary consul received no salary, only a badge of honor for his service. Consular representatives may also represent their country until a diplomatic mission is opened. Consulates deal with specific matters relating to the permission of the receiving country to carry out its functions outside the consular area.

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