Regional Excellence Caused By

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Regional Excellence Caused By

Regional Excellence Caused By

A. Potential differences between regions
B. Differences in climate between regions
C. Differences in weather between regions
D. Cultural differences between regions

Answer :


The answer is A.Differences in potential between regions

Detailed discussion of Regional Excellence

Each region has its own advantages, which can be used as an attraction and source income. Some examples of regional advantages that can be developed are:

  1. Natural resources: such as areas with abundant mangroves, plantations, or water sources.
  2. Tourism: areas that have beautiful natural beauty, rich history, or unique culture can be developed as tourist destinations.
  3. Agriculture and livestock: areas that have fertile land and suitable climatic conditions for agriculture or livestock can develop this sector as a source of income.
  4. Industry: areas with competent human resources and suitable geographical conditions can develop industries such as tourism, clothing or technology.
  5. Education: regions that have good educational facilities and competent human resources can develop the education sector as a source of income.

Areas that have advantages that can be developed must have a mature plan and support from the government and the community to develop this potential properly and sustainably.


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