Explain the Meaning of Hajj

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Explain the Meaning of Hajj

Explain the Meaning of Hajj

Answer :


Hajj is the fifth obligatory worship for Muslims starting from reciting the creed, Salat, fasting, zakat and pilgrimage performed in Mecca for Muslims who can afford it.

Detailed discussion of Hajj

As the definition of Hajj above, namely the fifth worship and carried out by the people Islam only capable. Most of these pilgrimage activities are carried out on Eid al-Adha (Dzulhijjah Day). One of these pilgrimage activities is also visiting the tomb of the Prophet Muhammad and worshiping the Kaaba.

The following are Hajj activities:

  1. Meaning. By reading: لَبَّيْكَ اللهُمَّ حَجًّا which means (O Allah, I fulfill your call with pilgrimage)
  2. Go around the Kaaba or Tawaf seven times by reading the intention.
  3. Running from the hills of Shafa and Marwah.
  4. Shaving hair for men.
  5. Wukuf in the field of Arafah.
  6. Do it in an orderly manner.

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Subject : Islamic Religious Education

Grade 9

Chapter : 6 – Hajj and Umrah

Question Code: 14

Keywords: Definition of Hajj

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