Causes of Economic Problems

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Causes of Economic Problems

Causes of Economic Problems

Answer :


1. Human nature

2. Level of income

3. Age

4. Education

5. Natural environment

Detailed discussion of Economic Issues

The economic problem is that there is an imbalance between need human beings who continue to increase and tend to be unlimited with the means to meet limited needs so that it can lead to scarcity. 

The causes of the emergence of economic problems are as follows:

  1. Human nature

Humans have a nature that is not easily satisfied with everything they have. The need will still exist even though you have found something that suits your situation and condition.

  1. Income level

Income high can make a person's needs more complicated. For example, the needs of someone with a fairly prestigious position in a company will be different from the needs of his subordinates.

  1. Age

As a person ages, so do their needs. For example, when we are born, our only basic needs are milk and baby diapers. Entering the age of four months, our food needs to increase, namely porridge. And a few months later, we already need a more varied diet.

  1. Education

The higher a person's level of education, the higher his needs will be. Like when we were in junior high school, our need for school supplies is definitely not as big as when we were in elementary school.

  1. Natural environment

To survive, people are expected to always try to adapt to the surrounding natural conditions. The needs of life in the tropics will be different from the needs of life in cold areas, both in terms of food, clothing and boards.


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