Explain how to do muscle endurance

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Explain how to do muscle endurance

Question: Explain how to do muscle endurance.​

Try you Mention how to do muscle endurance

The answer to the question of doing muscle endurance

Here are some activities that can be done to train muscle endurance:

  1. Squat.
  2. Row.
  3. tired triceps.
  4. Wrist Scroll.
  5. Board
  6. Exercise.
  7. Fairy monster.
  8. Security.
  9. Aerobics.

Discussion of doing muscle endurance

Muscular endurance is the ability of a muscle to contract repeatedly over a period of time until the muscle feels weak. Endurance training muscle aims to train muscles to contract and relax properly and regularly.

Regular muscle endurance exercises, in addition to increasing the strength and duration of muscle contractions, can also lose weight if done consistently (regularly). Indeed, the more regularly and often the muscles work, the more calories are burned. It generates fat reduction and increased muscle mass.

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8th grades

Mapel: Physical Education

Chapter: 14


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