The technique used in making macrame is

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The technique used in making macrame is

The technique used in making macrame is

d. Batik

When making macrame, the technique used is Knot. So the answer is C

Discussion The technique used to make macrame

Macrame is a handmade work of art or handmade, by joining knots consisting of several ropes or threads. The knot itself is a form of binding on a rope or thread that is used for goods according to their respective needs or just as an aesthetic. Macrame artwork can be used as decoration or finished goods.

If you want to make macrame, you must have some knowledge of how to tie a rope to produce craft. Some of the macrame works are macrame bracelets, macrame ribbons, macrame wall hangings and so on.

There are 2 ingredients used to make macrame, namely:

Natural fibers are fibers made from plant fibers. This natural fiber has a characteristic that is a rather rough texture and the rope fibers can be seen clearly. Examples of natural fibers are hibiscus tree fiber, coconut skin fiber, rattan fiber and so on.
Artificial fibers are fibers or ropes made of synthetic materials. Man-made fibers are produced on a large scale by yarn factories. The properties of artificial fibers are durable, smoother and stronger. Examples of man-made fibers are nylon and raffia.

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