Mention 5 examples of planned social change

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Question: Mention 5 examples of planned social change

Mention 5 examples of planned social change

Five examples of planned social change are:

  • -19 vaccinations to overcome the pandemic in Indonesia
  • Covid
  • . or supermarkets to reduce environmental pollution
  • MRT in Jakarta which aims to reduce congestion in Jakarta.

Discussion about Five examples of planned social change

Social changes are changes that occur in certain individuals or groups that also affect the values, attitudes, and behavior of that group of people. The forms of social change are as follows:

  • Slow: also known as evolution, this change requires people to have an adaptive attitude because slow changes are not planned. An example of slow social change is Indonesia, which was once colonized and independent.
  • Fast: also called revolution, usually this change occurs in government institutions. Revolutions usually occur as a result of conflict, but change may or may not be planned. An example of rapid social change is the construction of toll roads.
  • Major: changes that have a major impact on changes in the structure of society and changes in the structure of government. An example of a major social change is the COVID-19 pandemic which has made face-to-face meetings impossible.
  • Minor: changes whose effect only affects the structure of a certain group of people. An example of a minor change is a hairstyle change.
  • Plan: changes whose results are planned in advance, planners will implement programs or policies that
  • directs people towards the desired change. Unplanned: changes that occur suddenly and usually cause conflict in society. An example of unplanned change is the Covid-19 pandemic which forces us to work from house.
  • Structural: changes that have a big impact and can change the lifestyle of a group of people
  • Process: small-scale change, usually only aimed at improving something that already existed.


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