Write down the different types of long jump

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Write down the different types of long jump

Question 1: Write down the kinds of long jump movements

Question 2: Explain how to do the long jump prefix

Problem 3: Explain how to do the pedestal in the long jump

Problem 4: Explain how to do a long jump squat in the air

Question 5: Explain how to land a long jump squat style

Answer questions long jump squat movement

  1. The styles in the long jump are: Squat Style (Orthodox), Hanging Style (Schneper), Air running (air walking)
  2. How to start the long jump, namely: Starting the long jump or square is done by running as fast as possible from the starting line to the starting point.
  3. How to do the pedestal in the long jump, namely: Swing your legs horizontally until you stand straight. As you push up, extend your ankle, knee, and hip joints. Jump forward on one leg at a 45 degree takeoff angle.
  4. How to do the long jump in the air in the long jump, namely: In the long jump squat style, the body is tilted forward, the arms are raised, the legs are swung forward, and both knees are bent so that the practice of flying in the air is like a squat.
  5. Method The best way to land in a long jump squat is to extend your legs slightly forward and lean forward.


Question Discussion kind of long jump


The long jump is a form of jumping in which the legs are raised forward and the center of gravity is maintained in the air (floating in the air) for as long as possible. This is done quickly, pushing one leg to the maximum. The goal of the long jump is to get as far as possible. Special attention to technical issues proved beneficial for athletes in competition. Factors that affect the maximum long jump include leg length, leg muscle burst, starting speed of running, push-off or take-off, stance in the air, and landing. In addition, athletes have the strength, explosive power, speed, accuracy, flexibility and motion adaptation to understand and master the technique of performing staggered movements, so that they are fast, accurate, flexible and must be able to run smoothly.


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