To pick up a low ball use

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To pick up a low ball use


To pick up a low ball use


In volleyball, the low ball is performed in a downward motion. The bottom pass is usually used by defenders.

How to discuss low ball capture using

Volleyball is one of the best ball sports to play in teams. Volleyball is played by two teams facing each other, each team consists of 6 players. In the game of volleyball there are several basic technique that must be mastered, one of which through the floor.

Passing Down is a movement where the ball is passed to a teammate. In addition, the underpass can also be used to pick up or receive a low ball. How to do a underpass in volleyball, namely:

  1. The forelegs are made with both feet shoulder-width apart.
  2. Then bend both knees and slightly lean forward.
  3. Extend your arms straight and bring your hands together in front and below with your palms.
  4. When the ball is in line with your waist, swing your arms forward and up. Make sure the ball hits the wrist.
  5. After the underpass, return to the ready position.


Low ball pick up answer details using

Class: 9 Middle School

Course: physical education

Chapter: Chapter 2 – Volleyball Game


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