What is meant by curriculum vitae

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What is meant by curriculum vitae

What is meant by curriculum vitae

curriculum vitae: a document that contains brief personal data,education, and a person's experience and other qualifications

Detailed Discussion of Curriculum Vitae

A curriculum vitae is a document that serves to provide detailed information about a description of a person's life. Generally this term we are familiar with CV (Curriculum Vitae). 

Information provided in this document may include academic achievements, level of education, awards, experience organization, research results and work experience. 

In addition, the curriculum vitae can also contain information in the form of courses or professional certifications that you have attended. This document plays an important role in applying for a job.

Later, recruiters will look at your educational background, achievements and work experience. However, if you are a fresh graduate, you can include organizational experience during school or college.

Keep in mind, all information in a resume is fact. You are not allowed to upload false information. If you keep pushing your will to do this, it could cause various problems in the future.

Also, to attract the attention of recruiters, you can keep it neat and organized. Try to highlight your abilities and competences in relation to the position you are applying for.

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