How is the Process of Forming Norms in Society

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How is the process of forming norms in society?


How is the process of forming norms in society

The process of forming custom among the people begins with the human being himself becoming a social being who needs other people because he cannot live alone. because of this, it is intertwined communication and form a social interaction, in which there will generally also be a dispute between members of the community group. Therefore, to prevent disputes and differences in interests, laws or customs are made.

Detailed discussion of the formation of community norms

We can interpret the customs themselves as something rule which is not written in the people, which he will not be dated from human life. Norms can be divided into several types, which include:

  1. decency customs.
  2. rule norms.
  3. decency norms.
  4. belief procedure.

Process Question Details formation of social norms

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Chapter: 2 – Learning Norms and Justice, The Process of Forming Norms


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