Explain the Language Rules of Procedure Text

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Explain the Language Rules of Procedure Text

Explain the Language Rules of Procedure Text

There are several language rules for procedural texts, namely temporal conjunctions, imperative words, material verbs, behavioral verbs, human participants, marker numbers, interrogative sentences and declarative sentences. Procedure text is a text that contains the method and purpose of doing something by going through several steps in sequence to get a desired goal. Procedure texts usually contain methods, tips or tutorials for doing something. In the following, we discuss some linguistic rules in procedure texts.

Discussion: Procedure Text Rules

  1. Time conjunctions are conjunctions that relate chronologically to the time and the occurrence of two interrelated events. For example the sentence "After this ...", "Before that ..." .
  2. Imperative words are sentences in the form of orders, where the function is a request or prohibition to do something. For example "Don't join...", "Wait...".
  3. A material verb is a verb that refers to an action, for example “putting soil in a pot”.
  4. Behavioral verbs are actions that refer to a form of action based on an expression, for example “Wait about 3 minutes”.
  5. Human Participants must include or request human participation in writing to assist with the steps being taken. For example, include a picture of a person moving in the description.
  6. The marker number is the number which is the sequence in the procedure step. For example serial numbers 1, 2 and so on.
  7. An interrogative sentence is a question that has a function to get information about something. For example, “Do you understand?”
  8. Declarative sentences are statements that are a source of information about something. For example, explaining the use of planting flowers before explaining the correct way to plant flowers.

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