Long Principal Quantity Can Be Lowered To​

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Long Principal Quantity Can Be Lowered To​

Long Principal Quantity Can Be Lowered To​

Principal amount long can be reduced to area and volume. The unit of length is meter, while area and volume are m² and m³. Area and volume are derived quantities.

Discussion of long principal derivatives

A fundamental quantity is a quantity that already has fixed units so that it does not depend on other quantities. The following is an example of basic quantities and their predetermined units:

  • Mass, kilograms (kg)
  • Length, unit meters (m)
  • Time, second (s)
  • Electric current, units of amperes (A)
  • Temperature, units Kelvin (K)

Derived quantities are quantities whose units are determined from combination principal amount. The following are examples of derived quantities and their units:

  • Speed, units m/s
  • Acceleration, units m/s²
  • Area, units m²
  • Volume, units m³
  • Density, unit kg/m³

Detailed Answers of Principal Length

Subject: Physics

Chapter : Magnitude and Measurement

Class : VII

Semester 1

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