The Language Used in the Lecture Text

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The Language Used in the Lecture Text

The Language Used in the Lecture Text

The language used in the Lecture Text is EFFECTIVE language or sentences. Sentence effective in this case means besides being prepared on the basis of rule past but also easy to understand and understand by readers/listeners.

Detailed Discussion of Lecture Texts or speeches

Questions about the language used in this lecture should be equipped with answer choices in the form of:

A. Slang

B. Ambiguous

C. Rancu

D. Effective 

E. Non-standard language

The correct answer is D. EFFECTIVE

LECTURE TEXT is the text that will be read by a preacher or lecturer. Lectures or speeches are basically activities whose main purpose is to give advice and information as well as instructions to listeners (audience). Therefore, in order for the purpose of the lecture to be achieved properly, effective language is needed so that it is easily understood by listeners.

Apart from being effective, the language written in the lecture text must also be polite, easy and clear so that it is not ambiguous and ambiguous.

Question Details

3rd Grade Junior High School

Maple : Indonesian

Chapter : Chapter 7 – Speech

Keyword : Lecture, speech text

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