Correct Order of Blood Circulation Namely

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 The correct order of blood circulation is:

 The correct order of blood circulation is:

a. whole body – right ventricle – right atrium – lungs – left ventricle – left atrium – whole body
b. whole body – left ventricle – left atrium – lungs – right ventricle – right atrium – whole body
c. whole body – right atrium – right ventricle – lungs – left atrium – left ventricle – whole body
d. whole body – left atrium – left ventricle – lungs – right atrium – right ventricle – whole body


The answers to the questions above are: C

Detailed Explanation Circulatory order

The correct order of blood circulation: Body-Right Atrium-Right Chamber-Lung-Left Atrium-Left Chamber-Body. Regional disease due to genetic factors: Thalassemia (a disease caused by abnormalities in autosomes). Human blood flows in vessels (closed nature)

O₂ rich blood flows from: The lungs to the left atrium. True statement: Old red blood cells are broken down by histiocytes in the heart. What is not a vascular disorder: Alzheimer's (Alzheimer's is a disease of the nerves).

True statement: Veins carry CO₂-rich blood True statement: Systolic blood pressure is high when the atria contract and the ventricles relax (blood leaves the heart). True statement: The ability of white blood cells to engulf invading germs is called phagocytosis.


Answer details:

11th class

Subject: Biology

Chapter: The circulatory system

Code : 11.4.5

Keywords: blood, circulation, disorders

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