Explain How to Do a Quick Walk Combination

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Explain How to Do a Quick Walk Combination

Explain How to Do a Quick Walk Combination

There are 6 ways to combine brisk walking

  1. Step by step explanation:
  2. There are 6 types of fast walking coordination, namely:
  3. The game goes fast (Black Green), is done in pairs, groups.
  4. Run fast to catch the jumping ball.
  5. Fast walking to get the ball is done in pairs and face to face.
  6. Walk briskly with wide strides.
  7. Quickly follow the signs.

Explanation of Fast Track Details

Fast walking or jogging is an athletic sport carried out by walking fast forward, but without stopping and without touching the ground. Brisk walking or brisk walking first appeared as a result of the British culture known as walkingism or hiking. In ancient times sport this fast street is used by British society as a means of gambling with cash. Over time, this fast walking sport became popular in England, to be precise in the 18th century. Kilometers or the number of fast walks are 5 km, 10 km, 20 km, 30 km and 50 km.

Speed walking was first introduced at the 1908 London Olympics practice leg strength, fast walking or brisk walking is also very useful for training the heart muscle. Brisk walking is included in cardio exercise, so this exercise is good for the heart and if done regularly can help strengthen the heart.

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Class: 8 (Eight)

Mapel: Physical Education

Chapters: 12


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