Explanatory Text Written To Answer Questions

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Explanatory texts are written to answer questions

Explanatory texts are written to answer questions


Explanatory Text written to answer questions in the form of question words why and how.

Discussion Explanatory text

Explanatory Text is a text that describes natural or social phenomena. The purpose of writing the text Explanation is to explain the process of creating an event that occurs naturally, or it could also be the process of creating a natural or social phenomenon.

There are several characteristics of Explanatory Text:

The structure consists of general statements, with causal sequences and interpretations. The information contained therein is based on facts (factual). Factual usually contains information that is scientific or scientific in nature, for example science, about a matter that is being discussed.

The purpose of explanatory text is to explain a process or event in an informative and factual manner.

An example of a short explanatory text is:

Volcanic eruptions are one phenomenon caused by magma deposits that occur in the bowels of the earth. The gas inside will then come out with enormous force. Then the gas released from the volcano carries other objects such as rocks and gravel. This event will cause a volcano to erupt as an example of a natural disaster that is dangerous to society.



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