Boost Digital Marketing With Facebook Business Manager!

Boost Digital Marketing With Facebook Business Manager!

If you're in the world of social media marketing, it's important to know Facebook Business Manager or Ads Manager and how to use it.

Boost Digital Marketing With Facebook Business Manager!

As we know, Facebook is the owner of Instagram and Whatsapp, social media that are also widely used. Facebook itself is also a social media that is still in great demand today. To advertise your business effectively, you need to use Facebook Business Manager.

What is Facebook Business Manager and what are the benefits of using it? In this article, Glints will explain it to you.

What is Facebook Business Manager Manager?

Facebook Business Manager which aims to help users manage ad accounts in an instant, easy, and simple way

Derived from Hootsuite, Facebook Business Manager is a tool that helps businesses manage their ad accounts and other Facebook apps in one place at the same time.

Previously, businesses were required to manage Facebook Ads and Facebook Fanpage separately. This tool is a tool to help businesses manage their ad accounts and other Facebook applications in one place at the same time.

Not only that, this Ad Manager can also control and limit the information that can be accessed by social media managers, both from the company itself, or from agencies.

There is no need to share login details anymore, as each user will have their own account to login. With this equipment, employers can give full or partial access to team members based on their position.

Why is Facebook Business Manager Important?

1. No need to use a shared account

The advantage of Facebook Business Manager is that you can separate accounts for personal and business purposes. If you don't use it, you need to create a shared account that all social media managers can use.

This can minimize the risk to the security of your personal data. In addition, the risk of misregistration of personal accounts on company accounts or vice versa can also be reduced.

2. Easy to manage

By having Facebook Business Manager, you can manage multiple Facebook Ads and Fanpage accounts in one place. This means you have a central location to monitor the performance of your ads and posts.

3. Have better support than Facebook

Facebook has many tools and services that need to be integrated in order to function properly.

If at any time you run into a technical problem, the Facebook support team will ask if you have Facebook Business Manager. Because with Ads Manager, the Facebook team can fix the problem right away.

4. Easily view business reports

Another advantage of Ads Manager is that it's easy to see reports of your activity. There is a separate dashboard that you can access and customize according to your business needs.

5. More secure

Marketing is an industry with high staff turnover and sometimes involves agents on short-term projects. This can pose a security risk if the former employee still has access.

Facebook Business Manager provides a Security Center that allows you to enable two-factor authentication for any social media manager or account manager.

With this security system, inactive users can no longer access Ads Manager on Facebook.

How to create a business manager on Facebook

To create Facebook Business Manager, the method is quite simple. Here's how to get it from Hubspot.

  • Go to and click “create account” in the top right corner
  • Fill in the required data and click "continue"
  • Fill in the required email and click "Finish"

Well, that's Glints' explanation of what Facebook Business Manager is. Are you ready to use it for your marketing strategy? Interesting right? What are you waiting for? Come on, read the collection of articles now. Free!

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