9 very accurate savings tricks, worth trying

Saving is one method of managing money that is very simple, but if you are not used to it since childhood, you will always fail to do it. No wonder so many people are looking for a very efficient method for saving.

Are you one of them? If so, take it easy. Check out the following 9 very accurate saving tricks, for sure you will get used to saving, deh!

9 very accurate savings tricks, worth trying

1. Save every day

If you're worried about not being able to save monthly, try saving every day. Set aside money according to your financial skills, get Rp. 20,000, Rp. 30,000, or more. Live every day for a month.

Prepare a special piggy bank to put the money that is set aside, so that the money is not used for other things. This method is fairly efficient. If you try it in a disciplined manner, the money you save is enough, you know!

2. Don't be shy to collect small change

Many people underestimate the dime. Meanwhile, if you collect them, the nominal change can be big, you know! Imagine if you can collect IDR 500 coins every day, in one month you can collect IDR 15,000.

Enough to buy spices, right? So don't ever underestimate the money, whatever the nominal. It's better to collect and observe how big the nominal money is the next day.

3. Prepare a special envelope

This envelope serves to store the money that you have allocated in step with the expenditure item. So for the cost of food, electricity, transportation, internet, everything has been separated in different envelopes.

The goal is that you stick to the budget, so there is no consumption outside the proper post. This method makes you accustomed to the discipline of managing money, so saving is not a difficult thing for you anymore.

4. Determine coinciding with saving

Saving it should be tried at the beginning, not at the end. So the money saved is not leftover money, but money that has not been used at all. If you usually save every time on the 25th, then the following month must also coincide on the same.

This date can be adjusted by yourself, for example during payday. Which means the money has to be saved only when it comes, so it's not already used for consumer spending.

5. Separate your account

If you think setting aside money in an envelope is very complicated, you can set it aside into an account. As long as the accounts are separated between individual accounts and expenses. So an expense account is for all expenses, whereas an individual is for savings and investments.

This way, you are not tempted to spend money outside of your budget. As a result, the amount of your savings continues to increase every month.

6. Don't be shy about buying items on sale

When compared to objects that are hung on hangers, the prices of items on sale are much cheaper. So there is no harm in glancing at sale items when shopping. Who knows there is a suitable one, you can save a sufficient amount of money, you know!

You can put the remaining money for shopping into a savings account. It's just that, you need to carefully sort out the items on sale. Generally, items on sale have some defects or deficiencies.

Not only on sale, some items for sale are often discounted. Take advantage of this discount to reduce the amount of money out, yes! Do not hesitate to use a credit card when transacting if indeed the price of the goods is cheaper.

Especially for credit cards, you should immediately set aside money to pay the bill after shopping. When the bill falls at a pace, you just pay and you don't need to make a special allocation in the coming month. So, saving activity is not threatened.

7. Eliminate excessive prestige

If you want to succeed in saving, you should lose prestige because there is no benefit. This prestige sometimes makes your finances fall. Those of you who previously wanted to save were forced to cancel this will just because they wanted to join your friends to become a contemporary child.

For example, for perched matters. You don't just have to perch in expensive cafes if there is a cheaper cafe, the menu is varied, and delicious. The point is that the stomach is full and you can gather with friends.

8. Bring enough money

If you want to leave the house, you should bring cash as needed. Who knows you want to buy something at a shop or grocery store, so you can use this money. No need to swipe here and there, which makes your expenses uncontrollable.

But remember, just as necessary. Don't overdo it because you are afraid that your impulsive character will relapse, so you can't control yourself when you see interesting things around you.

9. Refrain

The last very effective saving trick is to dare to hold back, both when shopping, hanging out, especially when you are out of the house. Do not often glance here and there so you are not tempted.

Even if you've been tempted, take a deep breath and remember your goal is to save. It is certain that the desire to shop at the wrong moment can be avoided. Live For Your Financial Good

Saving is not a difficult thing, but it takes great order if you want to be successful. If you insist on saving, follow the very effective saving trick above. It should be done sincerely for the sake of your financial well-being, so that the process becomes easier.