How to get passive income in the middle of a pandemic

How to Get Passive Income in the Midst of a Pandemic

Creating a passive and well-managed income stream is the start of long-term prosperity. Especially during a pandemic like now. Passive income will be the assistant that can save you from recession. '

There are many opportunities that can be used to generate passive income. Best of all, you don't have to waste your time and energy. Let your property work on its own and make extra money.

So far there is an assumption that passive income can only be generated from work and soft skills such as book royalties, music and video royalties, online income such as adsense and the sale of old works such as photos and paintings. In fact, passive income can also be obtained by intelligently choosing investment instruments.

Few people realize that passive income investment is also very promising. People often think that investing is a risky activity and requires expertise and foresight to see market opportunities through trading on the stock exchange or bonds and forex.

If you can manage your investments wisely, you actually have the opportunity to generate passive income. Here are some investment options that can bring passive income:

1.Rental Service

Passive rental income is not only related to real estate such as houses and rooms. At home, you can make a list of items that are still in good condition and which are rarely used for rent. There are many things that can be rented, such as renting baby and toddler equipment such as toys, strollers and bicycles, renting clothes for entertainment, renting books and renting tents.

2.Dividend on Haham

The Indonesian stock market has helped investors choose issuers that are the most diligent in paying dividends. With this reference, it is possible to place investments in stock instruments with strong fundamentals. You just need to read a strong stock portfolio and make a choice.

After buying stocks with stable dividends, you can become an inactive investor. Just leave the shares and you don't have to bother monitoring the stock market, you can already feel the benefits of dividend income that is routinely distributed every year.


Did you know that investing in bonds promises passive income from interest income that will be paid regularly every month, quarter, semester or year. When you buy a bond, you will get an explanation of the yield in the form of interest or coupons.

Determining the number of coupons received is usually also determined in advance. Some government bonds are issued with a fixed interest rate, but a variable interest rate scheme is also used according to the prevailing interest rates in the bond market. In addition to these coupon benefits, investors will receive passive income, which is regularly received as a payer.

Among the three sources of passive income, bonds are the most attractive because they do not require maintenance and large capital. Currently, bonds can be purchased on the primary and secondary markets with prices ranging from 1 million to 3 billion rupiah.

Bonds are a safe investment instrument because they have a low default risk, especially for government bonds. In addition, bond profits can also be doubled because in addition to coupon income, you can also benefit from capital gains in the bond market.

You certainly don't want to miss the opportunity to profit from investing in bonds in the bond market. Moreover, now investing in bonds can be done easily by using the secondary bond function in the Digibank DBS application.

By downloading digibank, you can invest in DBS app bonds at anytime and anywhere. How to buy bonds in this application is also easy.

For primary market purchases, you can get retail government bonds or ORIs. While in the secondary market, there are several series of bonds that you can target, such as FR bonds and INDON or INDOIS bonds.

The FR series bonds use rupees as currency with a minimum investment of Rs 1 million. Meanwhile, INDON and INDOIS bonds use USD as currency with a minimum investment of $1,000.

To make it easier, here's how to buy bonds through the DBS Digibank order application: which you can track
You must enter.
Click “bonds” and check product availability. If the target series of bonds is available, you can answer questions as a prerequisite that you already know the risk profile of the chosen investment option.
You will then be asked to create an SID number. If the SID number has already been generated, wait a while until you receive the notification email.
After successful SID registration, please log back into the digibank application to view the product options available in the “bonds” menu.


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