Named Tools for Dyeing Batik Fabrics

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Named Tools for Dyeing Batik Fabrics

Named Tools for Dyeing Batik Fabrics

Answer :


The tool for coloring batik cloth is called Cap (Canting).

Detailed discussion of Dyeing Batik Fabrics

Canting is the main equipment used for batik. Canting is made from a mixture copper and wood or bamboo. This tool is used by written batik makers to draw batik with wax or liquid wax candle hot. Canting itself consists of several types.

The process of coloring batik cloth includes several stages, namely:

  1. Determine the batik pattern that will be made. Batik patterns can be made using a hairpin or freehand.
  2. Do the weaving (resist) on the part of the fabric that will not be dyed. This weaving can be done using wax or rope cloth.
  3. Provide batik color material that will be used. Batik colors can be made from powder or liquid mixed with water.
  4. Use the Canting tool to spread the color on the batik cloth. Canting is used to take color from the container that has been prepared and spread it on batik cloth with a predetermined pattern.
  5. After the color is applied, the batik cloth is dried in the sun to dry. Then carry out the process of cleaning the wax or rope cloth used for immersion.
  6. The process of washing and drying batik cloth before use.

Those are some of the basic steps in the process of dyeing batik cloth, but the process of coloring batik cloth requires special skills and techniques from batik craftsmen, so that the results can produce beautiful batik cloth.


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