How does economic technology relate to labor

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How does economic technology relate to labor

How does economic technology relate to labor

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The link between technology and the economy and labor is where advanced technological developments will facilitate and develop human work so that economic income increases, technological developments require a lot of human labor to operate, but there are various technologies that replace human labor so that jobs are also reduced.

Detailed discussion of the Economics of Technology

Technology has an important impact on progress life society, Here are some of the benefits of technological developments:

  1. Easy to communicate. Internet technology connects many people, people near and far can be connected through various applications connected to the internet.
  2. Easily receive the latest information. The development of internet technology is getting better so much information which is easy to get.
  3. Learning becomes easier. The development of the internet and applications has given rise to various facilities for seeking knowledge.


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Class: 4

Course: Social Sciences

Chapter: Chapter 9 – Development of Technology


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