Mention the Four Principles of Cartwheel Movement

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Mention the Four Principles of Cartwheel Movement

Mention the Four Principles of Cartwheel Movement

Answer :


Here are the four principles of cartwheels:

  • Meroda usually starts with an upright posture, accompanied by our hands up and also one of the left or right feet in front.
  • Then the next movement, our left foot steps forward which is the pedestal. And proceed by placing both of our hands on the mat as well as the pedestal straight down.
  • After that, lift both legs alternately, so that later you are in a standing position with both hands to the sides.
  • And at the end, our right foot rests then followed by the left foot then also stands as usual straight to the side with our hands upright.

Detailed discussion of the Meroda Movement

The Meroda Movement is a movement art that appears in Indonesia in the late 1950's. This movement is known as a movement that carries social and political themes in art. It was formed by a group of painters who rejected traditional art which they considered too conventional and wanted to explore art that was more modern and radical.

The Meroda Movement promoted art that was more democratic and not bound by formal rules. They explore various types of techniques and styles, such as expressionism, abstraction, and non-traditional art. This movement also carries social and political themes, such as criticism of imperialism and colonialism.

The Meroda Movement was very influential in the development of Indonesian art, especially in the development of modern art. Be an inspiration for a generation of young Indonesian artists who want to explore art that is freer and not bound by formal rules. Some well-known figures from the Meroda Movement include Dullah, Hendra Gunawan, and Affandi.


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Class : Middle School

Subject : Physical Education

Chapter : Chapter 6 – Floor Gymnastics


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