What are the results of the PPKI trial

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What are the results of the PPKI trial

What are the results of the PPKI trial

Answer :


PPKI Session Results 18 August 1945

1) Ratify the 1945 Constitution

2) Select Ir. Soekarno as President and Drs. Mohammad Hatta as his representative

3) The National Committee is formed to assist the President's duties

Results on August 19, 1945

1) Regional division, consisting of 8 province.

2) Establish a National Committee (Regional).

3) Formed 12 departments and 4 state ministers.

PPKI Session August 22, 1945

1) Formation of the National Committee.

2) Formation of the Indonesian National Party.

3) Formation of the People's Peace Agency.

Let's discuss questions about the PPKI

Preparatory Committee Independence Indonesia is an organization formed by Japan that aims to prepare for Indonesian independence.

PPKI stands for Indonesian Independence Preparatory Committee.

PPKI was formed on August 7, 1945 together with Ir. Soekarno as its chairman.

PPKI held 3 meetings, namely on 18, 19 and 22 August 1945.


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