What is the meaning of the lyrics of the song Jali Jali

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What is the meaning of the lyrics of the song Jali Jali

What is the meaning of the lyrics of the song Jali Jali

Answer :


The meaning of the lyrics of the jali song is that, like most songs originating from Betawi, the lyrics of the jali-jali are intertwined rhymes mixed with tones and music cheerful which serves to comfort the heart that is grieving or sad.

Detailed discussion of the meaning of the song lyrics

Say poetry comes from language Arab, syu'ur which means "feeling". Judging from the origin of the word, poetry can be interpreted as an expression of the feelings or thoughts of the maker. Poetry is a type of old poetry in which each stanza consists of four lines (lines) that end with the same sound. Poetry is used to describe long things, for example about a story, advice, religion, love, and so on. Therefore, the stanzas in the verse are numerous. In terms of its physical structure, poetry is very much bound by the number of lines in one stanza, the number of syllables in each line, the number of stanzas in each poem, and the rules in terms of rhyme and rhythm.

The characteristics of poetry are:

  1. Each stanza consists of four lines.
  2. Each line consists of 8-14 syllables.
  3. Rhyme aaaa.
  4. All lines are contents.
  5. The language used is usually figurative.

Figurative language such as:

  • Strengthen your boat equipment. It is an allegory for us to strengthen the religion we have.
  • Produce supplies of water and wood. It is an allegory that provisions by strengthening religion will gain faith and piety.
  • Put the oars in there. It is a figure of speech to always hold on to religion or a way of life.
  • So that the speed of your boat. It is an allegory that by always sticking to the guidelines of life, our lives can be passed without significant obstacles.

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