Explain the Definition of Ornamental Variety

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Explain the Definition of Ornamental Variety

Explain the Definition of Ornamental Variety

Answer :


Various decorations are a work of art that is made, where this artwork aims to decorate (decorate) an object so that the object becomes more beautiful, attractive, meaningful, etc., and decoration can consist of various patterns. (has a pattern arrangement) and can be used as a feature of an area.

Detailed discussion of Ornamental Variety

It turns out that the word decoration comes from the word decorate which means to decorate, so decoration can be called an ornament.

As we already know that decoration is a artworks which aims to beautify an object, so that if an item is more beautiful, the value of the item (such as the value of the selling price) will be higher and increase, of course. very profitable.

As an example: Table decorated with carving a very detailed one will obviously be far more beautiful and far more expensive than a plain wooden table (which is plain and has no carvings).

Ornaments can be used as a feature of a region, examples of decorations in each region, namely Lampung decorations, Balinese decorations, Papua decorations, and others.

Ornaments can consist of various motifs, examples of motifs are geometric motifs, natural object motifs and others.

And decorations distinguish in 5 types, namely:

  1. Human decoration
  2. Animal decoration
  3. Geometric decoration
  4. Decorative natural objects
  5. Various ornamental plants


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Course : Art

Class : 7 Middle School

Theory : Chapter 2 – Drawing Ornaments

Keywords : Meaning, variety, decoration


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