Music Has Recreational Therapy According To

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Music Has Recreational Therapy According To

Music Has Recreational Therapy According To

a. John Lennon
b. Paul McC
CG Harrison
d. Aristotle
e. Ringo Starr​

Answer :


One of the functions of the art of music is that it can be a recreational therapy. The function of art as a recreational therapy was put forward by (d) Aristotle.

Let's discuss the details about the Art of Music

According to Aristotle, Music can be used as a recreational therapy, increasing the spirit of patriotism that exists in a person, and can also stabilize the emotional state that exists in a person. In addition, he also stated that music can restore the inner atmosphere that exists in a human being. This is also reinforced by research conducted by the University of Tokyo which found that music can reduce the level of risk and depression that exists in a person.

Music Art is a form of audio art that uses sound and sound sound as the main element that forms his work of art. This sound or sound is the medium used by musicians and is also an element that will be processed and developed so that it can become a unified whole and harmonious work of art.

Here are a few function from the art of music is:

  • Health: music with sound waves can improve the existing health system in a person. The waves in this music have been shown to reduce symptoms in people with Alzheimer's disease.
  • Commercial: Music can be used by musicians to improve their welfare.
  • Expression: music can be a medium that is used to express expression and also the turmoil of the soul that exists in a musician.


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Class: 8

Course: Art and culture

Ba: 4 – Techniques for Playing Traditional Music


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