Old Football Game Is

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Old Football Game Is

Old Football Game Is

Answer :


The game of football is a form of big ball game and sport which is probably very popular in the world and competed in world-class Olympics. In one soccer match, the duration of a soccer match is 2 x 45 minutes.

Explanation of the game of football

The game of soccer is a form of big ball game and sport that is very popular throughout the world. The game of football is also one of the sports that are competed in Olympic world class ever since. To determine the winner of a soccer match, we will look at the team that has the most points or points. Therefore, each team must be able to fight to get the ball into the opponent's goal within the allotted time.

Here are some rounds in the game of football:

  • Match duration: actually long competition football is 45 minutes each half where in one game there will be 2 rounds.
  • Break opportunity: if there is a change of round, each team gets a maximum of 15 minutes of rest before continuing to the next round.
  • Extra time: if the score is still tied within 2×45 minutes, extra time will be held or it is called extra time. The additional time is 2 x 15 minutes.
  • Penalty Round: if things are still level after extra time a penalty round will be held where each player will shoot the ball directly towards the goal.

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