What do the characters mean

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What do the characters mean

What do the characters mean

Answer :


Characters are individual actors in the story created by the author and experience the events in the story. The existence of characters in the story plays an important role so that the story can run well and is interesting because of its main role.

Detailed discussion of Characters

Characters play an important role in keeping the story focused on the various players in the story.

Here are some of the characters in the story:

  1. Protagonist. The protagonist is a character who has good qualities that make many readers or viewers like the protagonist. So usually the protagonist becomes the main character in a story because of his good qualities.
  2. Antagonist. The antagonist himself is a character that generally causes problems in the story, this can happen because the antagonist has a relatively bad or negative character. Therefore many antagonists hate.
  3. Tritagonist. The tritagonist is a character that has character as a mediator in the story so that it describes a relatively wise character to finish conflict that happened.
  4. extra.Characters are characters who do not play a role in the story because they have a supporting role.

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Class: 12

Course: B. Indonesia

Chapter: Chapter 2 – Historical Story Text


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