What is the Parent Organization of Pool

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What is the Parent Organization of Pool

What is the Parent Organization of Pool

Answer :


The parent organization for swimming in the world is the International Swimming Federation (FINA). Founded in 1908 and is a swimming sports organization recognized by the International Olympic Committee (IOC). FINA is responsible for organizing and coordinating swimming activities around the world, including competitions such as the World Swimming Championships, Free World Championships and Time Swimming World Championships. FINA is also responsible for issuing rules and standards for the sport of swimming.

Detailed discussion of Swimming

Pool is sport involving movement body done in water. The goal is to cover a certain distance quickly or to complete a certain number of laps in a set amount of time. Swimming is divided into various styles, including free, back, chest, head and tail. Can be done individually or in a team. Swimming is known as a sport that requires good balance, health and physical condition. Swimming can also be used as a recreational activity and health therapy.


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