One Threat To State Ideology Is

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One Threat To State Ideology Is

One Threat To State Ideology Is

a. military attack

b. you understand 

c. dominance in the economic sector

d. foreign cultural influence

Answer :


The answer is b. communism

Detailed discussion of Ideological Threats

Ideological threats are threats that seek to replace ideology pancasila as the basis of the state that has been agreed upon with the Indonesian nation.

In the history of Indonesia after independence, there have been several rebellions to replace this ideology. One of the ideological threats that is understood is communism which is carried by the Indonesian Communist Party (PKI).

PKI staged several rebellions. The PKI rebellion in Madiun occurred in 1948, when the PKI took advantage of the disappointment resulting from the Renville Agreement and Dutch Military Aggression I. The PKI, together with other communist organizations, formed the People's Democratic Front (FDR) and attempted to establish a communist Soviet Republic in Indonesia. This rebellion was led by a PKI figure named Musso.

The PKI on September 30, 1965 took the form of a coup by unscrupulous Cakrabirawa soldiers who killed army officers. The rebellion was allegedly planned by the PKI leadership, especially DN Aidit. The officers were killed at Crocodile Hole and exiled, but the rebellion was crushed.

Question Details

Class: VIII

Subjects: PPKN

Material: Chapter 1 – Pancasila as the State Ideology and the Basis of the Indonesian State


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