Simple Handsome Tutorial Without Capital

All men want to look good, but a sharp nose, square chin, and cool hair aren't enough to make you look good. Attractive must also have an inside-out side. Here I will give tips handsome tutorials without Capital for you.

Attraction requires persistence, patience and intelligence. Reconsider how you can be more beautiful, especially in the eyes of women. Here are tips to be more beautiful that you can apply in your daily habits.

handsome tutorials

This is a simple handsome tutorial that doesn't require a lot of capital

1. Find a barber who understands you

A good haircut is important to support your attractiveness. Those are the basics. Either way, if you don't follow the other 29 tips in this article, you'll still have an adorable haircut.

Finding the right barber takes time and patience. You may also have to fail several times before you find the right hair salon. The best way to find them is to rely on friends' recommendations and dare to use trial and error.

A reliable salon captain doesn't only have to understand haircut and shaving techniques. He also needs to understand your hair type and face shape, whether the hairstyle suits your lifestyle or not. Even better if he works diligently and cracks jokes every now and then. For a good haircut, a hairdresser needs at least 20 minutes.

2. Handsome tutorial by keeping the house clean

In general, you should adopt a clean lifestyle. It's useless if you look good but your life is dirty.

Clean the room, wash the motorbike/car regularly and take the dirty clothes to the janitor. If you can't (read: lazy) clean, ask someone you can pay to do it for you. A clean, germ-free and well-lit living space allows your body's aura to show itself.

3. Apply sunscreen before leaving the house

The classic problem of Indonesian men who ride motorcycles: their arms are darker than the rest of their bodies. To prevent this, apply sunscreen to your body and arms. Don't worry; it's really not as fun as it sounds.

Sunscreen is good for you in the short and long term A 2013 study by the Annals of Internal Medicine found that sunscreen can slow aging by up to 24% when used daily. Come on, do you prefer to use sunblock or inject Botox in your 40s?

4. Handsome tutorial using moisturizer

Moisturizer contains many vitamins that are beneficial for your face. This includes vitamin A and E (which slows down premature skin aging) and vitamin C (which repairs damaged skin cells).

Plus, some moisturizers are packed with antioxidants, which are great for reducing facial wrinkles. Use a moisturizer every day to have healthy and beautiful facial skin.

5. Treat eye health

If you think that using a facial moisturizer is enough to take care of the skin around your eyes, you are wrong. The skin around the eyes is smoother and softer than the rest of the face in general. This is the meaning of eye care cream.

If you don't want to use cream, at least try to keep your eyes healthy. Avoid puffy eyes by limiting salt intake. Salt prevents water inside the body You come out through sweat. Meanwhile, if you have panda eyes, try to sleep at least 7 hours a day. In addition, also stay away from things that can affect the color of your eyelids, such as: Need.

6. Wash your face properly

Wash your face thoroughly. Do not use body wash to wash your face. The ingredients in the body wash clog the pores on the face and absorb all the oil, causing the skin to become dry. Therefore, use products that contain special ingredients for the face. Wash your face twice a day: morning and evening/night after activities.

7. You can raise beards

Some girls are attracted to bearded men, and others the other way around. Whatever it is, the choice is yours. Whether you want to grow a beard or not, choose one that makes you feel attractive and comfortable.

If you finally decide to grow a beard, make sure it is clean and groomed. Like the hair on your head, beards need grooming and should be trimmed when they start to grow in bulk.

8. Old school style shaving

When you finally decide to go beardless, you won't have to be ashamed of the cuts or scratches every time you shave. Shaving is routine for men; Do you want your cheeks to hurt every week?

The main cause of cuts while shaving is usually a razor. Modern razors use three to five blades which, while effective, can dry out the skin and make it easier for irritation or cuts to develop. Alternatively, use the same razor your father and grandfather always carried with them.

9. Take care of your eyebrows

Eyebrows complement the eyes in describing feelings. Confused, surprised, happy, or angry looks when the eyebrows and eyes respond to a condition. Imagine you have no eyebrows. Your face will definitely look almost expressionless.

Proportioned and groomed: This is how your brows should look like. If they are shaped like insect antennae, comb or trim your eyebrows properly.

10. handsome tutorial by the way Take care of your hands and feet

Take care of your hands and feet

Hand care is important because the first contact with another person usually occurs with the hands. You don't want the skin on your hands to feel like fish scales, do you? Always wash your hands with soap and water and remove any dirt stuck under your nails. Don't forget to cut your nails and use lotion to moisturize your palms.

Apart from the hands, the soles of the feet must also be kept clean. Especially if you like to wear sandals or go barefoot. Use a pumice stone to scrub your usually cracked and wrinkled heels. Apply foot cream if necessary.

11. Don't be ashamed if you have gray hair

Who says gray hair can't be beautiful? Look at George Clooney or Robin van Persie. But one thing is certain, gray hair needs to be trimmed properly every month. Moisturizing shampoo is especially good for gray hair; Also add conditioner to keep your hair moist.

Why is moisture so important for gray hair? Dry scalp and sun exposure can make white hair turn yellow.

12. Likewise if you are bald

As men get older, they will experience thinning hair and eventually baldness. It's worst when balding occurs too early, as happened to Wayne Rooney and Prince Williams. If Rooney has ever had a hair transplant (watLieuwegen), Prince Williams is just a socket with a bald spot in the middle.

You too can be as confident as Prince Williams. But don't let your bald spot go unnoticed. The head also needs care. Choose a shampoo that can stimulate the fertility of the scalp. Also, consider applying tonics and vitamins to your scalp.

13. Reduce sweat

Sweating is a natural process in the body, so you can't just stop it. But excessive sweating can be prevented. Limit alcohol and caffeine so you don't sweat profusely.

14.Make sure your body smells good

Diligent bathing with soap, using deodorant, and washing clothes thoroughly: These are the first three steps towards a smelling good guy. Then use perfume properly: spray perfume on the wrists (not in the armpits), behind the ears, and on the back of the neck. The pulse pumps the scent of your perfume.

Don't spray perfume directly on your clothes. The right way is to spray perfume into the air with a distance of 10-20 cm in front of the chest. Then step into the fragrant air.

Those are the handsome tutorials that I can explain to you, I hope this is useful, guys.