Bengkulu Typical Food Terviral to International

What do you think of when you hear the name Bengkulu? Perhaps the first thing that comes to mind is a typical plant that grows in Bengkulu, namely Raflesia Arnoldi. The plant is quite large and has a pungent odor. Therefore, this flower is often called the corpse flower. Here I will inform about Bengkulu Typical Food which is well known.

But this time we will not discuss the original Bengkulu flowers, what will be discussed is the typical Bengkulu food which is always sought after by tourists visiting this area in the southwest of the Sumatran archipelago.

1. Sour Bamboo Shoots

Bengkulu Typical Food

Bengkulu special food that you must include in your list of favorite foods is tamarind bamboo shoots in terraced candles.

This dish is made from bamboo shoots. Some people call it by the name of bamboo shoots. So choose young bamboo shoots whose texture is still soft.

How to make it quite simple, namely with the following steps;

  • Cut the bamboo shoots into thin slices
  • Then the bamboo shoots are soaked for several days.

The goal is that the bamboo shoots become soft and the texture becomes soft. In addition, to get the right sour taste. Next, prepare the spices and seasonings to make the curry seasoning.

After the bamboo shoots are made into curry, mix the wax that has been cooked before. In your area, a liling is a type of rice field snail, small and black in color.

How interested in tasting dishes made from a combination of bamboo shoots and wax? Served with hot rice, this food is even more delicious.

2. Bagarhiu

Bengkulu Typical Food


The most popular typical dish of the Bengkulu people can be called quite extreme, the name Bagar Hiu.

You may not believe that dish It's made from shark meat. Types of sharks that are usually processed are horn sharks or bull sharks. Intrigued by the food?

This food is not cooked with coconut milk but with roasted coconut. So it must be very beautiful.

But the cooking process is not that simple. The process of cooking shark takes quite a long time. It smells fishy, you need special skills to cook it so it's not fishy.

This dish is usually served only during the month of Ramadan. So not every time you can find it.

Maybe because the basic ingredients are quite difficult to get. As additional information, he said that the first president of Indonesia had tried this special dish.

3. Lemma snacks

Bengkulu Typical Food
Bengkulu Typical Food

Lema, a type of snack that may sound familiar to you. If this is the first time you hear about it, you must be curious about this typical food from the Rejang tribe, native to Bengkulu.

Some say this snack is almost the same as tempoyak, namely bamboo shoots that have been chopped and then mixed with various types of fresh fish.

After the two are thoroughly mixed, wrap tightly in banana leaves and leave to ferment for 3 days.

If the lema is ready to eat, how to cook it can be added coconut milk and a mixture of sea fish or fresh water fish. Isn't it interesting, the taste of this one snack. Not only sour, but also spicy.

4. Kerrie Flowers

To be able to eat this special food, you may come if during the fasting month until before Eid.

Residents there make this dish the main meal at sunrise and break the fast. The sauce is delicious and can be appetizing.

Kemba'ang curry is made with beef short ribs. For the sauce, it is made with thick coconut milk.

To get a yellowish color, turmeric is usually added. Bengkulu people also like to add fern leaves to give extra nutrition to the dish.

5. Seal

Did you know that there is one Bengkulu specialty that is worldwide?

This dish is not only famous in the archipelago, but also abroad such as Belgium, Japan and Australia, this culinary dish is very popular. Isn't it extraordinary, culinary specialties on this one.

If the local people sometimes call it by the name of ikan pais. Tasty and delicious fish. No wonder the market demand for this type of fish is quite high.

This is one of the secrets why this spicy food is much sought after by culinary lovers.

Given the shape of this typical culinary snack is almost the same as Pepes. The difference is that pepes is wrapped in banana leaves while pendap uses taro leaves.

It tastes savory and spicy and has a distinctive aroma that increases appetite.

6. Tempoyak

Bengkulu typical food preparations made from fruits are none other than tempoyak. This food is made by fermenting durian fruit for 3 to 5 days.

This sour taste is apparently very popular not only in Bengkulu, but even outside.

Tempoyak, which has undergone a period of fermentation, can be processed into various delicious menus. You can combine it with fresh fish or sea fish. It can also be combined with chicken or made into chili sauce.

Anyway, this one food is very suitable to be combined with different foods.

7. Candied eggplant

Candied mango, pineapple, papaya or kedondong are common, but this time there are candied snacks that are quite unique to Bengkulu, namely candied eggplant.

This uniqueness makes this one snack in demand, being hunted by tourists to be used as souvenirs. Besides being unique, it also tastes sweet and legit.

The production process itself is actually not that difficult. First, the eggplant is washed thoroughly with lime juice to remove the juice.

Then cut the eggplants into small pieces. Then soak in sugar water for about 2 hours. Remove and dry. After drying, it must be packaged.

8. Punai-maagcake

It is called punai not because of the raw material, but because the shape of this cake is made to resemble a dove.

Bengkulu residents are quite familiar with this type of bird. Its unique shape makes tourists interested in this snack to be used as souvenirs.

Don't ask questions about taste, this Bengkulu-made cake is not inferior to factory-made cakes. Two flavors are offered, namely sweet and original.

Interested in making this cake a family souvenir at home? You can find this typical snack easily in various shops in Bengkulu.

9. Banana curry

Bengkulu is indeed a storehouse of culinary specialties. Apart from shark dishes, candied eggplant, now there is a special dish that is no less unique, namely banana curry.

How about trying, the fruit that is usually eaten is immediately used as a processed curry menu this time. He said, to process this dish using a special recipe passed down.

Are you still curious? Watch how you make it. Soak bananas in salted water and add lime juice to taste. Drain the soaked bananas and cook for 10 minutes.

Mix the cooked banana in the special curry recipe and just cook it. This dish is ready to be enjoyed.


Do you already know why Bengkulu specialties are loved by culinary connoisseurs?

In addition to a delicious taste on the tongue, the food is also quite unique. So don't forget to taste Bengkulu's special food when you visit this province, ok Pins!

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So, that's it, guys, about Bengkulu Typical Food, which I can present for you to read. Hopefully this info can be of use.