The Right Way to Invest So You Don't Lose in the Future

In this ultra-modern era, doubling your bankroll is essential for future survival. One of them with how to invest. Many people fear that investing will result in losing money, investing requires a lot of capital. Although there are various investment facilities that have minimal capital. The next concern is that investing is complex and requires specialized knowledge. Even though investing will be easy if we regularly study or monitor our investments. Investment is a choice that we can use wisely. Therefore, it is important that we always study and research before starting any investment.

how to invest

Investing is indeed a way to achieve your financial goals. There are many ways of investing that you can find to invest your money, but of course we all know that not only by investing, we will definitely get extra money, right? Of course, if we risk our money increasing, there is also a risk. But, you dont have to worry. If you learn and start the right way, you will succeed in becoming a good investor. Check out safe and peaceful ways to invest, which will be discussed below.

Choose the right way to invest

like planting a tree browse and find the right investment platform for beginners and don't get the wrong way to invest because it will be very detrimental to you.

Don't wait until you are established to invest, but invest to establish yourself, always thinking about how to invest. Invest in it as early as possible. If you're old, do it now. However, you also need to define your investment intentions and goals. It's good to invest for the long term for financial freedom in old age.

Create mindset right

optimism Embed before starting. Attitude is one of the many things that contribute to one's success, apart from hard work, experience, Skills, network etc. Because your way of thinking influence your habits and actions every day. A person's success is determined by attitude and 20% by Skills. Attitude has a significant influence on the achievement of success. Some people think that investing is a get-rich-quick scheme. attitude will make others do the same thing but get different results. So there needs to be a change attitude which can change your behavior and actions in a better direction towards success.

Don't ignore inflation

. This way of investing should be avoided. If you ignore inflation when choosing a long-term investment vehicle, your investment may have less purchasing power. According to a report by Bank Indonesia, Indonesia experienced inflation of 8.79% in August 2013 and 8.61% in July 2013. That is, if you invest your money in a state-owned custodian bank that provides interest of 5.46% for 1 year, or even in a private bank in foreign currency another (which is known as a high interest rate) 7.21% for 1 year, you will be exposed to inflation risk, that is, the monetary value will decrease due to inflation.

For most people, investing in stocks or mutual funds is a way to offset inflation. Please note that the value of shares can go up or down at any time. This is because investment stocks are the riskiest. However, stocks offer the greatest profit potential and have consistently outperformed inflation since the 1940s.

Share your capital

One of the things you need to pay attention to in order to use the novice investment method is to first divide your capital into different assets, or what is commonly called diversification. A typical example is diversification into gold, stocks, real estate and bonds. Why is this step necessary? The goal is to prevent a total failure if one of the assets suffers a loss because there are still other assets that gain. The burden felt when experiencing loss becomes less. 

Choose the right way to invest

The investment method must be financially compatible with your goals and capabilities. There are various types of investments that can be found in the stock market. Stocks, bonds, deposits, and more. Each type has advantages and disadvantages, and of course different risks. The sequence of types with the highest risk and rewards are stocks, mutual funds, bonds and lastly deposits. Investing in stocks strengthens your mentality and deepens your knowledge of the ins and outs of stock investing to know the risks. One of the right ways to find out the right way to invest is to follow workshops or with the experts .

Start with a small investment first

To increase your confidence, starting with capital step by step is the way to invest for beginners. Choose investments that are guaranteed and have performed well within the last five to ten years. You can also consult your broker. For reference, read more books on stock market trading tips for beginners or take stock trading seminars and courses online.

Do not exaggerate

Most people are most afraid of losing money. You will get used to market conditions over time. Remain calm in the face of existing conditions and stay away from debt as much as possible. Too much investment will affect the soul and soul, especially for beginners. Don't be easily fooled by things or investment recommendations that you don't necessarily believe are true.

Don't monitor too often.

You can apply them if you want to invest safely and stay calm. Why? Because too often monitoring or monitoring investment developments actually causes anxiety and fear in making decisions. Basically, the main goal of investing is to build wealth over the long term. So what happens to your trading performance on a daily basis is irrelevant. Therefore, keep track of your investments, for example once a month. Don't let this happen because you are too enthusiastic to learn and follow existing investment methods, instead you feel insecure and calm.

If we talk about mutual funds, the method of investing is somewhat similar to stocks. The difference is, you can simply entrust the management of your stock investment to a trusted securities institution. It's as simple as saving at a bank, but what you save is not money, but shares in companies that are considered profitable. So, the first thing to pay attention to when investing in mutual funds is that you have to be wise in choosing an investment management company that will manage your investment.

The trick is to look at their portfolio and reputation when handling projects mutual funds. Even so, you can't completely rely on a security company. You also need to have knowledge and study the investment fund products offered so you don't fall behind and don't neglect the right way to invest.


The existence of a choice of profitable types of investment in this era also requires you to be able to choose the best priority to determine it. Prioritize with all recommendations to invest what you have. You also have to have a detailed and clear plan for the future with the benefits and risks that you will face. Therefore, it is very important to learn how to prioritize from now on.

The ways to invest above will make it easier for you to start investing. Always remember that successful investing requires a process that must go through increased knowledge and experience, including always paying attention to the right investment methods. Investment success takes time, commitment and dedication (money). CIMB Niaga is ready to help with your investments, one of which is mutual funds, which are investments to manage capital you as needed. More information, please click here!