Benefits of Learning Investment Early on

Warren Buffett is included in the ranks of the 6th richest person according to Forbes with a combined wealth of $99.4 billion or around Rp. 1.416 trillion. To be in that position, Buffett is famous study investment since 11 years old.

In Indonesia alone, there is Lo Kheng Hong named Warren Buffett Indonesia who has a stock investment in the capital market of IDR 2.5 trillion.

The success of this 62 year old man in the investment world started when he bought PT. Multiteler Adirama Indonesia Tbk is priced at Rp 250, and in 2011, a few years later, the company's share price per lot rose to Rp 31,500.

In this way, Lo Kheng Hong made a profit of up to 12,500 percent. Isn't it amazing?

Therefore, many people choose to invest in security tools to increase their wealth.

But behind the lucrative profits, investment is also known for its risks. Therefore, before you decide to invest in one of the instruments, it is important for you to get used to investing in order to get the maximum profit.

Well, for those of you who want big money from investment. First, let's understand what investing is, how it works, and what kind of risks and rewards you will get.

What is investment?

study investment

Investing is a way to grow your wealth without much effort. The bottom line is that when investing, all you have to do is invest and wait for your funds to grow.

So don't be surprised if there is a term, investors still make money even though they are asleep. This is one of the characteristics of investing.

For example, you deposit 1 million rupiah every month for a year in a fixed income mutual fund room. During that time, you are likely to get a 40 percent return or profit.

This means that if you make a withdrawal, your money will increase by IDR 4 million from the winnings you receive.

Can you imagine how much wealth will flow into your account when you transfer large amounts of money?

The Importance of Learning to Invest

Investing must be done early. Unfortunately, not a few people are hesitant to invest because they think that investment is only for people who have money.

Even though there are many types of investment vehicles that can be started with small capital. In fact, there are several securities that offer minimal capital by spending only a few tens of thousands of rupiah.

Still, don't be discouraged because it's never too late to learn, even to learn to invest.

For those of you beginners who just want to get into the world of investment, you can start investing with safe tools, which are minimal risk and also minimal capital.

The goal is to minimize the losses that you will bear. Investing also allows you to learn how the security tools in which you invest work in order to get maximum profit.

You see, the principle of investment is: the bigger capital invested, the greater the profit you will get. 

This allows you to regularly add to your mutual funds and minimize losses by implementing an investment strategy that includes investment diversification, i.e. investing funds in a variety of investment vehicles.

Investment learning tips for beginners


The following are investment tips for beginners, according to financial expert Aulia Akbar CFP®, AEPP®, to help beginners get the most out of investing.

1. Set investment goals

As an investor, you should know your investment goals. Whether it's for education money, buying a house or other interests.

Setting goals beforehand is very important. First of all, set short term/long term goals. This goal becomes a benchmark for where the investment is headed.

Investment objectives influence various decisions, such as the type of investment and the investment platform.

2. Know the risk profile

Each person or investor has their own risk profile. First, realize what risk profile you are an investor. The following are the types of investors based on their risk profile:

  • Conservative

Conservative risk profiles tend to fear speculation. This type of investor prefers low risk investments. Unfortunately, a low risk investment, the return is also low. If you think you fit this risk profile, money market funds, deposit, gold and precious metals are suitable investment vehicles.

  • Moderate

Investors with moderate risk profiles are generally more adventurous than conservative types. This type of investor is not afraid to take risks when playing in more volatile markets for high returns.

If you feel this type suits you, you can choose mixed mutual funds as an investment vehicle. This investment vehicle provides a fairly high return, but the risk is not as big as stock investment.

  • Aggressive

Aggressive investors have big ambitions to get 'big fish'. They are always willing to enter volatile, high-risk markets for high returns. This type of investor usually dares to lose money. Tolerance to decline in investment value is also higher.

If you think you fit this profile, the stock market is a great choice. This market is quite volatile, but the benefits are very large.

3. Determine the investment period

You need to determine how long the investment period you want to make. Customize according to your needs. Good for short, medium and long term investment needs.

Availability of funds should also be taken into account when determining the time frame.

If the funds have been used for investment, then it is better to choose a long-term one, so the return will be higher.

If you have limited funds and the money invested may be needed at any time, it is better to choose short-term investments.

4. Choose an investment platform

The development of the digital world makes investment easier. Currently there are many digital platforms that make it easy to invest online.

Once you have decided on an investment vehicle, you must now decide on the platform. Don't choose a platform carelessly, choose one that has a good reputation and is supervised by the OJK.

The Smart Way to Get Investment Profits Drowning

in the investment world can indeed bring abundant wealth. To increase your return on investment, you can divert it by entering the corporate sector.

However, it should be noted that one of the determining factors for success in doing business is choosing a field of business that many people always want and need, such as in the future.

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Those are my friends regarding investment learning tips that I can explain to you, I hope this is useful.