Main Thought Paragraph 1

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Main Thought Paragraph 1

Main Thought Paragraph 1

Answer :


The main idea of paragraph I in the reading above is the difference between the outer Baduy group or the Panamping group and the inner Baduy or inner Kanakes group. The main idea becomes the difference between the outer and inner Baduy because of the general discussion and the point is to discuss the differences between the two groups.

Let's discuss the details about Main Thoughts

The main idea of a paragraph is a general thought about a paragraph. Here are some ways to find the main idea of a paragraph:

  1. Find the general statement of a paragraph. This needs to be done because the general statement is a general description as the main idea so that it becomes one of the important ways. For example from text The main points above are the differences between the Baduy groups so that further discussion will be discussed.
  2. Key words in paragraphs. Keywords are the same as the main sentence, it needs to be searched. An example of the text above is the difference between the outer and inner Baduy groups being keywords while the following sentences are explanatory.


Question Details

Class: 4

Course: B. Indonesia

Chapter: Chapter 1 – Finding Main Ideas in Paragraphs


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