Mention the Miracles of the Prophet Yunus AS

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Mention the Miracles of the Prophet Yunus AS

Mention the Miracles of the Prophet Yunus AS

Answer :


The miracle of PROPHET YUNUS AS was being able to live in the stomach of a very large fish.

Detailed discussion of the Prophet Yunus AS

Of course this miracle with the permission of Allah SWT. Yunus as himself is one of the prophets of Allah SWT who was sent to show the straight path to the Ninawa people.

The reason why Prophet Yunus was angry was that the Ninawa people were outrageous, until the Prophet Yunus left them and there came a terrible storm that the Prophet Yunus promised if they did not want to repent, when the big storm came they panicked, but the leader of the Ninawa or the chief of the Ninawa tribe remembered the prophet's message jonah and did repent and invites all his people to repent to Allah. Only then did the storm stop

While the prophet Yunus went on a ship and in the middle of the sea, the ship was tossed around according to the captain of the ship someone had to be taken out of the ship to plunge into the sea, after the lottery was done they found the name of the Prophet Yunus they tried many times but what came out was still the name of the Prophet Yunus, then the prophet jonah accepted it and jumped, then the fish caught it because that was why the prophet jonah was in the belly of the fish.

Then the prophet Yunus repented and repented to Allah in the belly of the fish.

Here's the prayer

"The prayer of Dzun Nuun (Prophet Yunus) when he prayed in the whale's stomach was: "Laa ilaaha illaa anta, subhaanaka, innii kuntu minadz dzaalimiin". (Meaning: There is no God who has the right to be worshiped except You (O Allah), Glory be to You, verily I am among those who commit injustice and persecution)


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