Example of Ideological Conflict

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Example of Ideological Conflict

Example of Ideological Conflict

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Examples as follows:

  1. The Ahmadiyah congregation is in conflict with other Muslims in Indonesia because they are thought to have a different religious ideology or understanding of Islam.
  2. The conflict was in the form of a PKI Madiun rebellion against Indonesia
  3. The DI/TII conflict in which a number of soldiers wanted the Islamic State of Indonesia to stand.

Detailed discussion of Ideological Conflict

Conflict Ideology is a conflict that occurs because of differences in opinions, principles and values held by two or more groups of people. Ideological events can occur at the individual, group, or state level. Ideological conflicts can occur due to differences in political, religious, philosophy, and others.

Ideological events can cause social, economic and political problems, especially if the conflict cannot be resolved in a wise manner and in accordance with the prevailing norms. Ideological conflict can lead to war, armed conflict, and others. Therefore, it is important for community groups involved in ideological conflicts to find a middle ground and find solutions that are acceptable to all parties.

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Class : Middle School

Maple : IPS

Chapter : Social Integration


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