Make a Speech About Farewell Class IX

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Make a Speech About Farewell Class IX

Make a Speech About Farewell Class IX 

Answer :


Peace be upon you, and Allah's mercy and blessings
The honorable, the principal of the school ….. ….. …..
What I respect are the teachers and staff at the school.... … …
As well as my friends and underclassmen whom I love and am proud of

On this sunny morning, don't forget to give thanks to Allah SWT because of his grace, we can gather at this place to attend the Farewell Class 9 school year … … … …

I am here as a class 9 representative, to read the farewell speech for class 9 academic year … … …. It's been 3 years since we attended this school. Of course there are various impressions that we have gone through both with our classmates, younger classmates and also the teachers who teach at this school.

We know that our impressions while studying here are not always pleasant, there are times when we do things that are not pleasing to our friends, underclassmen and teachers. Therefore, I, as the representative of class 9 who will be separated, express my sincere apologies to my friends, underclassmen and teachers here.

When we made a lot of mistakes, our teachers and mentors never stopped educating and teaching us in a more correct direction. Teaching us from those who can't yet become able, patiently educating us even though we rarely understand in various subject areas. With that, we don't forget to say a thousand words of "thank you" profusely to our teachers and coaches at this school.
My younger siblings, you are now heading to a higher level. We give a message to all of you, keep up the enthusiasm for studying. Be the spearhead of this school, make your school name proud.

Ladies and gentlemen, as the saying goes. "In every meeting there will be a farewell" just like at that time, we entered this school, studied here, studied here and finally we will also leave this school. We will always remember everything we have been through at this school. We will continue our schooling to a higher level and hopefully this farewell will be an unforgettable beautiful memory. in the end let me say thank you

Wassalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

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