What does the word bestie mean?

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What does the word bestie mean?

What does the word bestie mean?

Answer :


Bestie is one of the slang words (not standard) in English, this word is a designation for someone special in our relationship.

Detailed discussion of the Meaning of Bestie

Bestie is used to refer to a close friend language English, while the word besties is the plural form of the word bestie. This word is included in the slang vocabulary, namely non-standard vocabulary that is only used in everyday terms, slang words are needed to make communication between people more familiar.

Some other slang words in friendship or friendship include:

1. Dawg: Friend or close friend. This word is generally used for male friends. Examples of using “What's up dawg?”

2. Dude: Synonym of the word dawg

3. Bud: Abbreviation of the word buddy, which is also a synonym for the word dawg

4. Pal: Friend or close friend, a synonym for the word dawg anyway

5. Amigo: A term for friends, this word is an absorption word from Spanish

6. Chum: Abbreviation of the word "chamber fellow" or roommate

7. Biffle: The pronunciation of “BFFL” stands for “best friends for life”

8. Mate: This word was popular in the 19th century during the pirate era

Other informal words are "holmes, homie, fam, bro, fella" and many other words that can be found in everyday conversations.

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